• Magician, Entertainer and member of THE MAGIC CIRCLE



  • "Imagination is the true magic carpet!"



You understand that planning your wedding day can be a stressfull time! You know organising your work's end of year party can be a hectic time! How are you going to entertain your guests? Will they be bored waiting? Will everyone have a great time?

What is the answer to all of your questions?

Andy is your answer!


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"Magic is all around. You just have to believe!"


"Sooooo good! Absolutely loved it!
I can't stop talking about it everytime I see someone!
Still gobsmacked, proper magic..."

– Kayleigh Britton, Norton.

"No really, thank you! You were fantastic, the feedback I received was phenomenal... I will certainly recommend you to all!"

– April Lord, Signature Group, Sage.

"Andy performed at our wedding in September at Hardwick Hall and it was amazing!! He amazed all our guests..!! "

– Becky Malone, (Wedding client).

"This guy is either Jesus or a witch. Now, I may have been drunk at a wedding when I saw him. But WOW.
Mind = Blown!"

– Nel Atherton, Headlam Hall.


Cool, contemporary and captivating, Andy is one of the UK's top and current magicians. A member of the elite only 'THE MAGIC CIRCLE', he has been featured on the BBC, ITV, Channel 5 and some of his recent clients include Barclays, Tower Of London, Pizza Express and Millwall F.C.

The desire to entertain has run through Andy's blood since he was a young child, so it comes as no surprise that as an adult, he has the gift to captivate the imaginations of his audiences.

Mixing modern close up magic with a fun, friendly and a completely interactive performance style, Andy uses cards, coins, fire and all kinds of everyday objects to WOW his guests whilst will guaranteeing that everyone has an amazing experience.

Born in Stockton-on-Tees, UK, Andy began his entertaining career as a professional guitarist and vocalist, amassing well over 600 gigs in an 8 year time span. It was these moments that began to fan the flame of his magic and sharpen the skills that he used to practice as a child.

Each musical gig provided large and diverse audiences with which Andy could practice on, amazing them with slick techniques and tricks and his ability to captivate and hold crowds. As word of mouth began to spread about his name, Andy reversed his work, making the switch from being a full-time musician to being a full-time magician and entertainer, occasionally returning to play live shows.

Currently based in the North East of England and with years of experience under his belt in front of large audiences, Andy has taken his magic all over the UK from the south to the north and across into Europe where the language and culture barriers have no importance when it comes to sharing magic. From weddings to private parties, corporate events to celebrity bashes, Andy has WOWED and DAZZLED crowds building up a reputation of a master magician and enchanting entertainer!

Always the optimist, he has his eyes set on world domination with a view to spread his work around the globe - with a little patience and hard graft of course!

In his spare time and in between his shows, Andy enjoys spending his time with his two young children, reading books on mysticism and art as well as travelling and nature.

(He also has a soft spot for riding fast bikes!)

“The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper."